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Getting Started With People Analytics

 According to Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report, “the people data revolution has finally arrived.” 84% of companies view people analytics as important, and 69% are building integrated systems to analyze people data.

The practical implementation of people analytics, however, is fraught with challenges, and it is not always easy to know where and how to start.

Our webinar offers a step-by-step guide for organizations wishing to get started with this important new field, covering topics such as:

  1. How to pick the right challenges to solve with people analytics
  2. How to decide what and how to analyze and measure
  3. How to translate analytics into action and drive organizational change using people analytics

Who’ll be speaking? 

Daniel Bodonyi

Product Strategy Director – OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE 

Daniel Bodonyi is the faculty lead of the Data-Driven HR Program at the Spark Institute at the International Business School in Budapest and consults ONA technology firm Maven7 and Tokyo-based tech recruitment firm Wahl & Case on HR tech product development. Previously, he worked as the managing director of Attuned.ai, a people analytics SaaS solution that won accolades at UNLEASH (formerly HR Tech World) in London and the Wharton People Analytics Conference in Philadelphia. He has been invited to speak about people analytics at various conferences and companies and is currently working on a book that explores the organizational challenges and practices of high-growth organizations.

Your Host Will Be

András Vicsek

CEO and Co-Founder of Maven7

Andras is a researcher, a management consultant and a trainer specialized in organizational and social network analysis with a solid background in change management, team, and organizational development. Before founding Maven7 with his partners, he gained vast experience as the head of several research projects regarding work stress, motivation, loyalty, and employer branding. Andras is the key technical expert of Maven7’s products, services, and related certification training programs Maven7 is providing to its Organizational Development partners.  

People said about OrgMapper

“We had a very successful project with OrgMapper during the summer of 2017. The aim was to identify the influencers (using network science) within the organization who could drive the change.” 
“OrgMapper was used to select a group of highly engaged and well-connected individuals to embed the new behavioral values in the organization. “You can’t start a fire without a spark”, so the identified influencers (we called them Sparks) were positioned as ambassadors for ongoing cultural change.”
„We chose a bottom-up approach for development and roll-out of the growth strategy of the company. We could only try it once, it needed to work, and therefore we wanted to work with our internal experts. With OrgMapper we identified influential employees and involved them in future-shaping workshops, so they can act as multipliers, can help release the developed stories, and can play a key role in accelerating the change.“