Different types of change management software help companies plan and implement organizational changes such as a new technology, strategy, organizational structure, processes or culture. Here we offer seven great change management software tools.

Successful Change Management 

Change initiatives succeed depending greatly on the speed of the process, the engagement of the people and the resources needed to make the transformation. Some focus more on project management, others include assessment and diagnostic solutions. Read on for the seven best organizational change management applications.

OrgMapper  | INFLUENCE by Maven7


OrgMapper is an organizational diagnostic SaaS (Software as a Service) tool for identifying hidden Influencers with pin-point accuracy, as well as those who can boost communication and help accelerate change. The Maven7 tool also pinpoints where to work harder to get messages across within the organization, and helps optimize resources, too. OrgMapper generates a detailed report on the Influencers and on the quality of communication about changes in different business units and hierarchy levels. Additionally, the tool includes an Influencer engagement platform and an interface in order to dig down to the causes of communication issues.

Nakisa - OrgModeler


Nakisa® OrgModeler™ reduces the risk and uncertainty of making critical enterprise and talent decisions by providing leaders the ability to proactively prepare for change, minimize its disruption of the organization, make better-informed decisions as well as facilitate workforce transition. Key stakeholders can fully collaborate on a variety of change processes, including strategic planning, restructuring and change management. Get insight into your most current org chart and design potential change processes while analyzing the impact on your organization.

ChangeScout by Deloitte


ChangeScout is a comprehensive, cloud-based organizational change management application that helps manage stakeholder relationships, align change impacts, plan interventions and much more. Gain complete visibility of every impacted stakeholder, including key contacts, communication preferences, future activities, change impacts, not to mention engagement profiles. Track the business process, technology and personnel changes, management strategies, and key success measures. Forecast any resistance issues and plan mitigation approaches. Align broader organizational goals by linking activities to business strategies and monitoring business benefit realization.

The Change Compass


The Change Compass helps companies undergoing multiple changes to create one integrated view of change impacts. With it, companies can make real time, fact-based decisions in order to maximize the success of change initiatives. Operations managers can better manage change capacity. Project Managers can better sequence impacts on the business. Senior managers can better manage impacts on customers and the likelihood of achieving initiative benefits.

jTask - Pulse


Pulse provides social collaboration in the cloud to accelerate, manage and improve the quality of the change management activity. Four main modules offer visibility, efficiency and speed in managing the tasks of any organizational change or ERP system implementation. Group stakeholders by your project’s classifications, and as a result, effectively target change management communications.



TPTribe is a cloud-based application built so organizational change teams can manage all activities for their programs.

Designed with the latest technology, secured via Amazon Web Hosting Services, and privacy certification guaranteed through TRUSTe, TPTribe is your one-stop solution in planning, managing and delivering change programs. It provides the import of current data into various modules starting with Programs, Projects and Portfolio information, stakeholder data from your central contact database, engagement activities using email and scheduling, through to benefit management and reporting on ROI initiatives, and on to milestone tracking and risk management.



Darwin Solutions Inc. is an SaaS company offering Darwin, an Organizational Change Management (OCM) application for practitioners, teams and enterprises.  It is perfect for organizations seeking to develop an effective in-house OCM capacity and/or manage existing resources more efficiently. With it, organizational change managers can scale plans accurately, measure effectiveness, and track employee adoption. In turn, this makes it possible to build employee trust, include KPI, and provide real, measurable results.

7 Organizational change management tools