We hope you managed to dig yourself out from under the virtual pile of emails amassed over the holidays, and are now ready to take on the challenges of 2016. If so, let’s start by learning how the network approach can make your organization more effective and efficient in the New Year.

The video below is the first episode of **OrgMapper Insights, a new series featuring leaders and decision-makers talking about the network approach and its benefits. In this episode, **András Vicsek, Head of Research at Maven7, talks about the roles and importance of hidden influencers in an organization, and how they can contribute to effective change management.

Key learning points of this episode:

  • Hidden influencers, in a community, play crucial roles in how values, norms and behaviors spread
  • Some people will always be louder and thus more visible to managers in an organization, but that doesn’t mean they are actually influencing others
  • People will always have their go-to-guys, the ones they trust and turn to for advice
  • If we are aware of our organization’s hidden influencers, we will directly be able to involve them in change programs
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