On March 8, András Vicsek, our Co-founder and Head of Research, hosted OrgMapper’s first change management webinar of the year, titled “Maximize the Effects of Your Change Initiatives Through Influencer Involvement”. András was joined by thought leader in change management and organizational architect, Leandro Herrero.

The webinar kicked off with a poll, asking the audience about their opinion on why change initiatives in 2016 still fail. According to 69% of attendees, failure can be attributed to employees not fully understanding the need for change.

OrgMapper social influence VS formal hierarchy

András and Leandro discussed the importance of shifting organizational focus from processes and systems to employee behaviors during times of change, and outlined that hierarchical influence is mostly over-estimated, with peer-to-peer influence being the true engine of organizations.

OrgMapper SAP implementation case study

A case study about knowledge-hubs within an organization, and how they were utilized during a successful SAP implementation process, was presented, and it was also highlighted that peer-elected influential employees will always be your best change agents aiding your initiatives, as acknowledgement by their colleagues will immediately result in motivation and commitment.

The webinar concluded with listing key influencer characteristics and discussing the role of stories in accelerating change, and shaping an organization’s culture.

All in all, the key learnings of the webinar were that social influence in the workplace is now more valuable than formal positions, and properly identified and empowered influencers will drive your change programs to success. Make sure you consider these in your next projects and you are destined to succeed.

Watch the full webinar recording:

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