Maven7 Competed among the Top 5 People Analytics-Related Startups Worldwide at the Wharton Conference

Maven7 is one of the cutting-edge startups who has been honored to showcase its business at the Wharton People Analytics Conference in Philadelphia, USA.

This year at the sixth annual Wharton People Analytics Conference and Competition we had the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest innovations in the field of people analytics.

Maven7 was selected as one of the finalists with the OrgMapper product family, a leading organizational change management tool that leverages the business application of network science to accelerate change and break down silos within organizations.

Orgmapper | INFLUENCE supplies organizations with data about who the most influential, capable, best-connected employees are that are willing to put effort into helping the company achieve its goals. In parallel, recommendations for effectively communicating the change process are also provided.

By Orgmapper | EXCELLENCE, organizations using G-Suite or Outlook are able to understand real workplace collaborations,  and the built-in review tool invites employees to give constructive and direct feedback to their colleagues about specific collaboration skills, results or behavior. With this information, they can transform their peer connections into even stronger working relationships.

András Vicsek, CEO and Co-founder of Maven7, represented the company at the Pitch Contest. He pointed out in his speech that influencers have greater power than leaders would ever imagine. By identifying communication strengths and blockages at each location, business unit and hierarchy level, organizations can increase employee productivity by 10-15%, level up colleagues’ engagement by 20-30% and speed up change management projects by 15-25%.

We are proud to have been selected as one of the top 5 in the Startup Category. It was an honor to compete with the best companies worldwide at such a prominent event. We are thankful for the recognition that OrgMapper received from the top thought leaders in the United States.

Huge congratulations to the nominees of every category and the winners of the night!


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