Maven7 and its Client Received “Highly Commended” Honor in London

Maven7 and its client were “Highly Commended” at the prestigious Business Culture Awards ceremony in London last evening. The judges awarded today’s forward-thinking organizations who demonstrated their commitment to creating exceptional work cultures.

London — 30th November. Maven7 was “Highly Commended” in the Transformation category in collaboration with their client from the energy sector. This collaboration involved the implementation of Maven7’s OrgMapper | INFLUENCE, a leading organizational change management software that identifies key employees and screens internal communication networks to accelerate organizational culture change. András Vicsek, the CEO and co-founder of Maven7, proudly received the honor on behalf of Maven7 and its client.

„Maven7 does not walk alone. The motivated and dedicated employees from our clients have given us their trust and worked day-in and day-out to accelerate significant changes in their respective organizations. This award strengthens our belief that informal organizational networks and key influential employees play an essential role in accelerating organizational culture change.” 

About the honored project

Maven7’s client, a multinational energy supplier to the heavily regulated, energy utility market, is accelerating its cultural change by mapping and leveraging informal networks of people. Insight gained from a virtual organization that runs in parallel to formal structures offers a great leverage opportunity for boosting change efforts. In this particular case, our solution offered a balance of speeding up the process of cultural change, while simultaneously driving down the leadership’s time investment and cost. The use of advanced, organizational network analysis techniques for mapping key influencers, along with making communications more effective and efficient, has facilitated better employee alignment. Maven7’s OrgMapper | INFLUENCE, a SaaS based tool for detecting the informal communication network of the organization and identifying the influencers within the company, has helped the client to achieve meaningful cultural change.

OrgMapper – a highly effective tool for accelerating organizational change

Maven7 is a leading organizational network analysis tool vendor that builds automated SaaS solutions to accelerate organizational change and create collaborative cultures.

OrgMapper | INFLUENCE empowers companies to obtain actionable insights into their internal communications, and supports capable employees who are motivated to drive organizational initiatives.


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