After hundreds of work hours and dozens of sleepless nights, we are extremely proud and thrilled to present to you a brand new, completely re-imagined and re-calibrated OrgMapper.

It is time to say farewell to the familiar blue and orange colors, as we have executed a full redesign of the brand, not just the tool. Let’s see OrgMapper’s new developments:

  • more robust system to accommodate 30,000+ organizations - number of survey respondents technically unlimited
  • more complex and sophisticated change agent selection, based on latest advances in network science
  • clear and comprehensible ‘theater gram’ visualization of complex data for large-scale projects
  • automated reporting system with comprehensive narrative report to present project outcomes

New features, more powerful insights, new design

Developed in the spirit of continuous improvement, with customer and partner feedback in mind, the new OrgMapper offers greater flexibility, transparency and better functionality. Thanks to our scientific advances, the tool now presents actionable results in the form of a comprehensive narrative report, whilst also maximizing user experience on a redesigned interface.


OrgMapper Website


Influence & Excellence

With the debut of OrgMapper | INFLUENCE, previously known as ChangeMapper, we have opened a new chapter in providing never-before-available insights to organizations looking to drive change management, improve internal communications or boost employee engagement, by revealing their hidden influencers.

This chapter is far from finished, as we continue to put our tried and tested methodologies into practice with the development of OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE, the successor of our PerformanceMapper tool, that will focus on boosting business performance.