How Influencers Help You Enact Successful Organizational Change?

Change is inevitable, intrusive and unwelcome. However, change is essential. The key to successful change management is keeping the organization happy. Easier said than done!

Why is it so difficult to accelerate organizational change?

It is simply explained by the fact that organizational change makes people feel uncomfortable. Usually, organizational change brings a form of restructuring with it, which sometimes can result in job loss, relocation and changes in how things are done. People do not like to feel threatened, vulnerable or being kept under scrutiny. Inevitably, the fight or flight natural instincts kick in - mainly fight - which resists change. Either of these responses can hamper the change process. Meaning, change can actually fail or - at the very least - cause enormous disruption, far greater than originally intended.

How can change be enacted successfully?

Change can be more successful if you Elect, Enhance and Empower your organization, in simpler terms if you develop it as a whole. Our blog article highlights how effective change rises when it focuses on employee behavior and organizational culture. Through the organization redefining its’ focus, it is able to manage the most critical factor that influences change; that employees resist.

The key points to note are:

  • Mapping your organizational networks
  • Identifying key and hidden Influencers throughout the whole organization
  • Influencers reach more people than those who are appointed with management responsibility
Who are hidden Influencers?

Influencers are key to mobilizing change. These are people who the rest of the organization see as the ‘go to’ people. They are the employees who have the confidence and trust of their colleagues. It is necessary to spend the time mapping out your networks in order to find the Influencers in your organization. They are key to accelerate change so it is crucial to identify these Influencers accurately with the use of a well-designed organizational change management software. With the help OrgMapper’s software and services, you can identify who these influencers are and begin to empower them immediately.

Influencers are key

Influencers who are elected by their peers are more committed, motivated, successful and effective as catalysts for implementing change. These influencers can become your change agents, enabling the organization to start transforming. What is important for the influencer is to understand how important and integral their role is ineffective organizational change management. Win your influencers over and get them on board! In turn, they can spread the message among the total workforce and can even win the trust of the most skeptical employees. Their influence can be significantly greater than the decision maker’s since they were selected by their peers as the most influential and trusted employees.

How does network mapping work?

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a methodology which can be used for detecting informal communication networks in the organization and identify the key employees within these networks. The identified key employees can be used to accelerate organizational change management and to encourage better employee alignment during the change process.

Top-Down Communication Efficiency

a.) Information flow originating from top management

Bottom-up communication efficiency

b.) Information flow originating from identified influencers

Is there evidence of success?

A leading energy company was facing the challenge of being transferred to digital platforms. Traditional change models were not delivering the desired results. Thus the company turned to Maven7 to identify the Influencers who have key roles in a successful organizational change program.

How successful can network mapping be?

Once the identified individuals were enlisted to support the change process, the results proved the benefits;

  • network science tools are indispensable in management and business,
  • ONA enabling the enhancement of productivity and boosting innovation within an organization.

Are you ready to find out where and who your Influencers are? Get the keys to organizational change success here.

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