OrgMapper Excellence

Build a strong collaborative organization

G Suite / Outlook tools to measure, understand, and
improve workplace collaboration


Intuitive dashboards

Showing volumes and quality of collaborative relationships


Company Dashboard

Monthly dashboards at the company and team level are available online to assist managers by 1. enhancing cross-functional communications and performance – contribute collaboration performance stats to your development/reward programs, 2. optimizing organizational structures – Manage strategic priorities in a “one company” manner, 3 improving collaborative culture – drive a continuous feedback culture and make teamwork values actionable



Employee Dashboard

Employees share real-time feedback about collaborative behavior with their colleagues. This information is displayed in their personal dashboard and highlights unknown strengths and potential blind spots. They use their dashboard for: Personal development, Goal-setting, Training opportunities

OrgMapper Excellence

Analyzes digital collaboration patterns and
collects collaboration reviews from employees


Digital collaboration

With data from your G Suite / Outlook tools we create a digital network to show how your teams currently (as-is map) collaborate at company and team levels (top arc of the diagram). Together we create your company’s optimal network that displays the potential future collaboration between all functions of the organizations (bottom arc of the diagram). The gap analysis between the As-Is and To-Be situations, displayed in monthly dashboards, provide you with clear insights and actions to improve collaboration

Review tool

Feedback culture

The built-in review tool invites employees to give constructive feedback to their colleagues about specific collaboration skills, results or behavior, directly from their Gmail / Outlook inbox at the right moment. With this information they can transform their peer connections into even stronger working relationships

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