Whether you listen to the most enthusiastic salespeople over Skype or invite them to pitch you in person with a fancy presentation, one thing is certain: nothing beats real-life examples. With this in mind, we have compiled the top three client scenarios that can be addressed with OrgMapper INFLUENCE.

1. Change Management

First and foremost, OrgMapper INFLUENCE is an essential tool for change management initiatives. Whether it is the implementation of new safety measures or shifting to different customer service processes, etc., influencers - your most influential, motivated and capable employees - must be identified and brought on board in order to ensure the success of the change program.
Customer scenario:_ The customer was implementing a digital transformation with the purpose of improving customer service. This transformation meant going digital and leaving paper completely out of processes. Although the change itself was positive and made the daily jobs of employees much easier, our client organization wanted to make sure that the shift was as smooth and seamless as possible. So, they used OrgMapper INFLUENCE to find their most influential employees and invite them to join their group of change managers leading the change. The role of the influencers was to minimize employee resistance, and to make sure employees had sufficient knowledge about what was required of them._

2. Internal Communications

Formal communication channels are visible on every organizational chart, but how about informal ones? With OrgMapper   INFLUENCE, you will gain a better understanding of your organization’s internal informal communications and be able to see the differences between how information is supposed to flow and how it really does.

Customer scenario: The customer wanted to have a better understanding of their internal communications, with a specific focus on how the grapevine (informal communication channels) facilitates or blocks the flow of information. With a quick INFLUENCE survey we identified ‘social hubs’, employees with the greatest reach power, best embedded in the informal networks of the organization, who were then involved in deploying key organizational messages and obtaining feedback about communication efficiency amongst employees.

3. Employee Engagement

Influencers identified by OrgMapper INFLUENCE are all peer-elected. This is guaranteed to boost employee engagement levels, as the identified colleagues will feel more committed and motivated to take part in new initiatives and programs.

Customer scenario: In companies with departments employing thousands, it is impossible for management to know everyone personally. This was the case with our client, who recognized that identifying and empowering employees seen by their colleagues as credible players was key to the successful enhancement of employee engagement. This group of peer-elected influencers was able to successfully amplify engagement into every employee segment. They did that by expanding the engagement message reach, educating colleagues on what engagement was, why it was important, and how to influence it.

Whether it is a large-scale change program or boosting employee engagement, OrgMapper enables organizations to find their key influencers and improve their internal communications.

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