Digital collaboration networks that drive adaptive team design

People analytics provides a deep understanding of workforce data that helps managers to establish more productive and adaptive workplaces. One exciting method is organizational network analysis (ONA), which combines email logs, web-based calendars, and shared online documents with continuous employee feedback to reveal digital communication networks and employee collaboration patterns.

With ONA tools, companies are able to assemble cross-functional teams, build stronger collaborative cultures, enhance team performance, and optimize organizational structures.

Business developments, such as networks of teams, real-time feedback, and people performance, are rapidly gaining interest across numerous business sectors. According to Deloitte, companies are increasingly operating as networks of teams, which puts team composition at the heart of organizational design. As a result of accelerating business objectives, real-time feedback is becoming a “must have” process in modern workforces. Performance of companies depends as much on the formal structure of the organization as on the networks of information that flow between its units and individual employees.

OrgMapper is an acknowledged ONA tool vendor that recognizes all of these business developments and is a firm believer in the power of people data. In particular, this data can reveal digital communication and collaboration patterns used by employees in their daily work. Google Suite is a great example of a reliable, cloud-based, data source and an organizational network analysis (ONA) tool that can deliver powerful, people analytics. Email logs, web-based calendars, and the co-authorship of online documents all generate digital patterns that can be used to visualize social networks and their associated communication flows. This tight bond between G Suite and ONA ensures the reliable use of data by utilizing an integer process of data analytics that generates information that enables better business decisions.

Companies look for ways to optimize team composition and management

To adapt to the changing needs of customers, companies are encouraged to create cross-functional teams and processes. Many companies that have changed their organizational structures, however, have experienced that strained employee relationships are a barrier to effective, interdepartmental collaboration. Management and employees, moreover, often mention siloed structures, poor communication, and a lack of collaboration as reasons for workplace failures. To overcome these challenges, companies can benefit from ONA tools to improve the following:

  • Communication and cross-functional collaboration
  • Generation of employee reviews to develop a feedback culture
  • Agile and adaptive organizational design decisions


A tool to create stronger collaborative teams

OrgMapper’s latest product, EXCELLENCE, was specifically designed to address and overcome the business challenges previously mentioned.

The core product creates a digital network that shows how teams actually collaborate (as-is) and compares this with the company’s optimal collaboration network (to-be). Monthly collaboration dashboards with informative statistics, network maps, and recommendations all help to build cross-functional teams and enhance departmental and organizational structures.

The full product integrates continuous employee feedback, collected in the build-in review tool, to validate and enrich key collaborative relationships. Monthly collaboration dashboards at company, team, and employee level with network maps, key collaborators, and feedback summaries help to increase cross-functional team performance, build stronger collaborative cultures, and facilitate agile organizational design decisions.

In conclusion, organizational network analysis (ONA) tools are gaining more and more traction across a wide range of business sectors. Companies are taking the relationship analytics method seriously and are steadily implementing data quality programs, dashboards, and data-driven decision-making processes. Google’s office applications allow employees to work together regardless of their location, and OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE validates these relationships to enable strong collaborations

If your company is using G Suite and you would like to understand what our powerful analysis can do, then please sign up for more information about this exciting development in HR technology.

If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to send a request for a meeting with Orsolya Csetri, Business Development Manager. 


OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE is part of the OrgMapper product suite. All our software products are based on social network analysis within organizations to reveal powerful professional relationships and are equipped with actionable self-explanatory reports. Our experts can also provide additional organizational diagnostics and consultancy services to assist you with network interpretation and the designing of forward-looking intervention programs.


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