Client cases

Client Cases

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Americas / 11 countries
1970 participating employees



The company’s transformation program aimed at moving from a functional view towards an enterprise-wide approach, with a focus on customer service and performance improvement.

Analysis objective

The company desired to identify key employees who can involve and inform others, build bridges to support collaboration between functions, continually learn better ways to do work and succeed, anticipate customers’ needs and create customer loyalty.


The company was able to 1) drive and accelerate change at all levels of the organization; 2) understand the reaction of teams to the changes and then focus on relieving the impacts; and 3) encourage employees to work effectively in changing contexts.

Europe / 4 countries
5120 participating employees



The company creates a unique working environment that enables its employees to make a contribution and actively shape the future, through constructive feedback mechanisms and open dialogue. The company decided on a bottom-up approach for development and roll-out of their growth strategy, which focussed on changing the culture and behavioral values.

Analysis objective

Management wanted to work with internal experts, who can act as multipliers, can help release the developed stories, and can play a key role in accelerating the change.


”You can’t start a fire without a spark”! The identified influencers (Sparks) were positioned as ambassadors for ongoing cultural change and invited to ”future shaping” workshops to share their ideas on how the company should move forward. Because of their roles, the Sparks were very committed and able to spread the corporate vision fast through their vast personal networks.

Europe / 1 country
2805 participating employees

Financial services


The business environment in the financial sector became unpredictable. Therefore, this company launched their organizational cultural change program to strengthen the company’s client focus behavior. This included changing the communication strategy from a top-down into a bottom-up process and speeding up decision.

Analysis objective

Both HR and Internal Communication departments requested the analysis to identify influential employees with whom management could work together. These employees would needed to be involved in appreciative inquiry methodologies to boost engagement and spread the word on the organizational cultural change program.


The identified influencers have participated in workshops, events and lean launch projects across the organization. The influencers’ engagement increased and they were able to share their excitement and valuable information through their own personal networks of influence. This process was speeding up internal communications and encouraged the rest of the workforce to get onboard.

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