The Guardians of Organizational Cultural Change

This week, we are starting a new conversation about organizational culture change. We have invited Bernie White from New Zealand to join our conversation that will be held in the upcoming weeks. Bernie is a partner at Better Change, our strategic partner consultancy specializing in “helping people change for the better every day” in New Zealand. He is an expert in organizational change management and will share his experience about a cultural change project that took place in a large public service department in New Zealand.

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Maven7 and its Client Received “Highly Commended” Honor in London

Maven7 and its client were “Highly Commended” at the prestigious Business Culture Awards ceremony in London last evening. The judges awarded today’s forward-thinking organizations who demonstrated their commitment to creating exceptional work cultures.
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Digital collaboration networks that drive adaptive team design

People analytics provides a deep understanding of workforce data that helps managers to establish more productive and adaptive workplaces. One exciting method is organizational network analysis (ONA), which combines email logs, web-based calendars, and shared online documents with continuous employee feedback to reveal digital communication networks and employee collaboration patterns.

With ONA tools, companies are able to assemble cross-functional teams, build stronger collaborative cultures, enhance team performance, and optimize organizational structures.

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A powerful tool for building cross-functional teams and enhancing organizational structures

OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE for Collaboration is an organizational design tool that helps adaptive companies build a stronger collaborative culture, enhance cross-functional team performance, and optimize organizational structures.

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OrgMapper Can Help Airbus Fly Even Higher

In a recent LinkedIn post entitled It’s About Connecting people, Airbus CIO, Luc Hennekens, makes a strong case regarding why it is critical for them to empower their employees with the right tools to facilitate collaboration, boost productivity, and deliver a better work/life balance.

At the heart of their digital transformation is their recent adoption of Google Cloud’s G Suite. While we certainly view the Airbus adoption of G Suite as a significant step in the right direction, this move in itself will not guarantee a successful digital transformation. There is strong evidence that any meaningful and lasting change must be supported by the constant mapping of human connections between different parts of the organization to identify and  strengthen the most beneficial ones, while eliminating the ones that waste valuable company resources.

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Top 7 Organizational Change Management Software Tools for Your Business

Different types of change management software help companies plan and implement organizational changes such as a new technology, strategy, organizational structure, processes or culture. Here we offer six great organizational change management software tools and invite you to add more if you feel that your favorite is missing from this list!

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