Interview with András Vicsek, co-founder and CEO of Maven7 on the history of OrgMapper and the Team

This is the story of OrgMapper from its beginnings to the present day. We asked András to tell us about the founding of Maven7 and the creation of the OrgMapper brand and all the essential milestones and turning points he and his Team had to go through to take a significant place in the market […]

Transforming Culture via Internal Influencers

Interview with Diana Müller, Head of Organizational Development & Talent Acquisition at Telenor Hungary The role of the People Division in the corporate Influence project: Cooperation with the network research company OrgMapper was initiated by Telenor's Chief HR Officer Judit Endrei-Kiss after the Czech PPF Group acquired Telenor Hungary and it was necessary to support […]

How Can Organizational Network Analysis Help in the Transition to the New Normal?

The question now for leaders isn’t when their employees can come back to the office but whether they should do so at all. Companies were already looking for ways to cut their spending on office space before the coronavirus pandemic exploded. Now that we’ve gone through the global test of productivity during working from home, […]

Harnessing the power of collaboration and informal relationships in a time of remote work

The coronavirus crisis is a huge challenge – and raises an enormous question—for organizations. For one, will cross-functional virtual collaboration between employees and departments be sufficient for the enterprise to survive all of the necessary changes?

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