The Complete Webinar Package

Adaptive Space: How Network Science Can Help Companies Transform Into Agile Organizations? 

co-hosted by Michael Arena Ph.D.,
Chief Talent Officer of General Motors

To create a culture of innovation inside a large organization, leaders need to help their organizations become bimodal, says Dr. Michael Arena, Chief Talent and Development Officer at General Motors and author of Adaptive Space: How GM and other Companies are Disrupting Themselves and Transforming into Agile Organizations.

We are proud to present the complete webinar package to you – including presentations from your hosts, András Vicsek, CEO and Co-Founder of Maven7 – OrgMapper and our guest speaker, Michael Arena PhD, and the video recording of the online session in which Mr. Arena shares with you how GM transforming into an agile organization and András Vicsek talks about the power of organizational network mapping to accelerate change.

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