A powerful tool for building cross-functional teams and enhancing organizational structures

OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE for Collaboration is an organizational design tool that helps adaptive companies build a stronger collaborative culture, enhance cross-functional team performance, and optimize organizational structures.

Companies that do change their organizational structures, often experience strained employee relationships, a siloed structure, and poor communication that act as barriers to effective interdepartmental collaboration. In the wake of these challenges, companies can benefit from organizational network analysis (ONA) tools, such as OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE, to improve their organizational performance. In particular, companies that use the G Suite, and Microsoft Outlook platform will benefit the most from our product.

OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE for Collaboration uses G Suite and Microsoft Outlook data (mail, calendar, drive) as its source of information to analyze and visualize the aggregated, human networks that employees use daily for communication, cooperation, and knowledge sharing. This tight bond between G Suite/Microsoft Outlook and EXCELLENCE ensures the reliable use of metadata and an integer process of data analytics that supports better business decisions. Clients receive monthly, company-level dashboards with informative statistics, network maps and actionable recommendations that assist them with the interventions required to build cross-functional teams and enhance organizational structures.


An OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE for Collaboration project is done in 3 easy steps 

  1. It starts with a digital, collaboration map – Using data from your G Suite and Microsoft Outlook tools, we create a digital map to show how your teams are currently working and collaborating at company and team levels.
  2. Followed by an optimal network – Together, we will create your company’s optimal network that displays the desired state of collaboration between the various functions and units within your company. The inclusion of an optimal network serves as a blueprint for you to interpret the analysis results and conduct a gap analysis with the digital network to highlight any inconsistencies.
  3. Resulting in a redesign model – We will perform a gap analysis on the optimal and digital analytics to pinpoint which collaborative relationships drive the performance of your organization, which connections need to be strengthened, and which connections hinder collaboration between functions. Our actionable recommendations will help you to strengthen interdepartmental communications, support the composition of cross-functional teams, and enhance organizational structures.

We perform an integer process of data analytics

OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE for Collaboration combines digital, communication data with more traditional HR data, such as departments, work locations, and hierarchy levels. These data sources are combined in ways that are respectful of business ethics. In order to protect individual, employee privacy, only email metadata is used (no content) and all of the identifiers are encrypted so that personal information (i.e. email addresses) cannot be viewed.

If we focused exclusively on individuals, then their privacy would be in jeopardy and the network results would become too detailed and fragmented. We always aim to keep a holistic view so we can accurately view the networks that surround them. By using a variety of statistical modeling techniques, we can predict and explain the outcomes that are of interest to aggregated groups of employees, HR, and management.

No experts are needed to interpret our network analysis data 

Large amounts of data are created from organizational network analysis (ONA). Our tool, however, filters and presents the results in such an intuitive way that that any team member can easily judge, draw conclusions, and make intelligent, business decisions. Furthermore, our tool incorporates the right business context needed to draw the right conclusions, focus on improvement areas, and plan for actions.

Product extensions are just around the corner

We closely follow the latest business trends so that we can better support companies (50+ workforces) that are searching for innovative ways to create collaborative cultures. So far, we have described our core product OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE for Collaboration, which you can extend with a company-wide employee review tool to take collaboration to the next level.

Would you like to stay informed? Book a call with Orsolya Doricsák, Customer Solution Partner for a detailed product tour. 

OrgMapper | EXCELLENCE for Collaboration is part of the OrgMapper product suite. All our software products are based on social network analysis within organizations to reveal powerful professional relationships and are equipped with actionable self-explanatory reports. Our experts can also provide additional organizational diagnostics and consultancy services to assist you with network interpretation and the designing of forward-looking intervention programs.


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