Useful Resources from the 1st Global Strategic Partner Gathering & Workshop

We couldn’t be more grateful for our strategic partners who joined from 11 different countries - from Australia to the U.S. - representing 18 organizations in person or virtually at the very first two-day-long Global Strategic Partner Gathering & Workshop organized by OrgMapper in September 2018.

At the event, we shared personal experiences related to the corporate implementation of organizational network analysis, thoughts about the future of the ONA market and dived deeper into the business application of network science. The event was the first step to make our vision happen: creating a community committed to promoting the professional and ethical use of network science within organizations. 

In this article, we share with you the studies and research materials related to two presentations: Influencers - The Key to Organization Change by Maya Townsend, U.S. and What organizations can learn from nature and network science by Prof. Tamás Vicsek, Hungary.

Sneak-peek: Influencers - The Key to Organization Change

Our partner, Maya Townsend from the U.S. shared her experiences regarding the role of Influencers in organizational change.

"Organization change success remains elusive. After years of research and practice, organizations still struggle to achieve their change goals. In this session, we will discuss six ways of creating change and delve into most neglected resource for change success: influencers. Found in every organization or network, they have disproportionate impact on the whole. We discussed how organizations have used influencers successfully and shared case studies to inspire participants to leverage influencers in their next change initiative."

List of references

  • Six Ways to Influence Change: “How to Influence Change,” by Grenny, Maxfield, & Shimberg in MIT
    Sloan Management Review.
  • Study on Change Projects & Leadership Networks: “Informal Networks Linked to Success of Change
    Initiatives,” by Townsend & Shu on

Case Studies

Sneak-peek: What organizations can learn from nature and network science

Prof Tamas Vicsek, scientific advisor and advisory board member at Maven7 - OrgMapper, gave a presentation about What organizations could learn from nature at the GlobalPartnerEvent. Would you believe that birds could teach a lot to us about collaboration and hierarchies? In case you would like to go beyond the human aspect of networks, you will enjoy the studies listed below. Please find two research materials from Prof. Vicsek's publication collection related to complex networks and collaboration in nature. 

List of references

"Since hierarchy is abundant in nature and society, but many of its quantitative aspects are still unexplored, the main goal we intend to achieve is the systematic interpretation and documentation of new unifying principles and basic laws describing the most relevant aspects of hierarchy..."

"Animals that travel together in groups display a variety of fascinating motion patterns thought to be the result of delicate local interactions among group members."

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