Overcoming Employee Resistance with a Plan

“Change often strikes a chord of fear in an organization” wrote The Business Journals’ Kathy Close in her recent article titled ‘Why a formal game plan is critical […]

Short video: OrgMapper | Insights – Employee Resistance

OrgMapper | Insights is back with a new video, in which Hiske den Boer, Business Unit Director of OrgMapper, talks about employee resistance to change and how it […]

Change Management and Leadership Development Have to Mesh – but who will drive it all?

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) has recently published an article that really resonated with what we at OrgMapper believe in, as it focused on how […]

Short video: OrgMapper | Insights -The Role of Hidden Influencers

We hope you managed to dig yourself out from under the virtual pile of emails amassed over the holidays, and are now ready to take […]

How Hidden Influencers Can Drive Culture Change Webinar: Key Learning Points

On December 1, we were joined by change management’s #1 Twitter Key Opinion Leader, Mike Lehr, and attendees from all around the world to discuss […]

14 Insightful Quotes from Influencers in Change Management

A little over a month ago, in collaboration with our Diktio Labs division, we published a list of the most influential change management Key Opinion […]
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Why Hidden Influencers are Essential for Effective Culture Change

“As a manager, you may have the power to change your organization’s policies with the stroke of a pen. And you may have the ability […]
Change Management webinar - OrgMapper

Change Management Webinar: How Hidden Influencers Drive Culture Change

Three weeks ago, in collaboration with Diktio Labs, we published an article identifying the top key opinion leaders in change management on Twitter. Mike Lehr […]

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