Insurance Europe / 4 countries December 2016 5120 participating employees

Situation The company creates a unique working environment that enables its employees to make a contribution and actively shape the future, through constructive feedback mechanisms […]
Influencer identification process - picture

OrgMapper offers a peer nomination process to identify the right Change Agents

Most companies are aware that adoption of change takes place at the grassroot level of an organization. Local Change Agents can assist with local implementation […]

Everything you need to know about OrgMapper | INFLUENCE

Organizations are changing drastically in the context of digital business models and automation. This means we need to look at them differently now, and good […]
Five Essential Network Management Skills for Leaders

5 essential network management skills for leaders

Leadership is an evergreen, but it is more sought after than ever in times of disruptive change, whether it is technological, political or social. It needs to […]

How to understand what is going on behind the org chart?

Almost every company has an org chart showing the structure of the organization and the relative levels and responsibilities of its parts and positions (“What […]

4 features to look for in ONA software

Organizational network analysis (ONA) tools come in different shapes and sizes. Ask your vendor about these features. They will help you make a better choice […]
5 best practices using ONA tool

5 best practices when using ONA tools

Since you have given us a great number of comments and reflections on the ”7 ONA tools” blog post, we would like to share our […]

Maven7 OrgMapper’s World Café for an Agile New Year

Our international company opened up the New Year agile. We proudly presented the first World Café by Maven7 OrgMapper involving HR and company leaders in […]

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