Anticipating the emotional elements to prove business agility!

Prove your business agility by anticipating emotional elements

Business agility means how a company adapts to a changing competitive landscape. To be agile in 2016, it is not enough to clearly predict the future, move […]

How to incorporate influencers into your change strategy

You already know that with OrgMapper | INFLUENCE you can identify your most motivated and capable influential employees; those best fitted to take on the roles of change agents and accelerate your change […]

The greatest misconception about change agent involvement

Influencer marketing, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals rather than the target market as a whole, has shown the business world how […]

Change Professionals gather in the Lone Star State – ACMP 2016 recap

After four amazing days, 11,225 miles traveled and some serious jet lag, Team OrgMapper wants to thank everyone at ACMP Change Management 2016 in Dallas. […]
ACMP 2016 change management conference in Dallas

ACMP Change Management 2016 | 15-18 May, 2016 – Meet us at booth #17

In two weeks’ time the OrgMapper team will be en route to Dallas, to participate at the ACMP Change Management Conference as Silver Sponsors. We are thrilled […]

4 (+ 1) key thoughts about change management you should always keep in mind

Former British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, once said: “Change is inevitable. Change is constant.”, and he couldn’t have been more correct. Change, or better yet, […]

How to interpret network graphs

Network graphs provide a fantastic way to visualize interactions, communications patterns and the flow of information in an organization, but how do you interpret them? […]

The Role of Influencers in Internal Communications – more crucial than you would think

A little less than a week ago, Internal Communications expert, Mike Klein, published an interesting and inspiring article, discussing the findings of the eight annual […]

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